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JAV: Snake Lady leaned her head right down into my wife's face and still clutching a whole hand full of my wife's beautiful long black hair and pulled back with her hand making my wife's little head swing up right into Shake Lady's as she looked at my wife a moment or two and then said; "You little brown slut bitch I'm going to do with you damn well what I want to do with your cheating little ass!!" Now you wouldn't allow your little pussy to get split wide open by my play toy on your own, you little slutty bitch so now I'm going to leave a moment and come back; And your ol' man over there is gonna' see your pent up hidden little secrets come all out in front of us both!! And just threw my frightened as as hell little wife right back down onto the bed
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. Then Snake Lady grabbed another of those really soft furry but extra wide straps this time and tossed them up onto my wife's thigh as I did the same on my side. Turned and looked at me and said; And you my man are going to get more than you bargained for!! Your going to not only watch all this but you get the special privilege to help and participate as much or as little as I damn want your ass to!! As I sat in my seat going whoa what to hell is with all this? Snake Lady just walked right straight out the door shut it and locked it from the outside

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. . We were staying in a nice beach house close to the beach itself

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